Flexible EAS System Solutions

Industrial Security Solutions provides EAS solutions customized for your loss prevention needs. It is our steadfast belief that systems should, and do, vary by client.You cannot always force a square peg into a round hole!

Checkpoint and Sensormatic Tags

Industrial Security Solutions carries a wide variety of used Sensormatic and Checkpoint security tags, labels, detachers, deactivators and pins with worldwide shipment capabilities.

Complete Anti-Shoplifting Systems

Along with our EAS Systems and tags, ISS can help further prevent theft with our CCTV surveillance equipment and installation services.

Retail Loss Prevention Systems that Work

Industrial Security Solutions is a supplier of AM and RF retail security tags, EAS systems, labels and detachers, and offers custom CCTV and EAS system installation services for retailers nationwide. We believe in “partnering” with our clients by providing creative and flexible anti-theft solutions to meet your specific loss prevention needs. Industrial Security Solutions carries a full range of retail security products with worldwide shipment capabilities.

RF and AM Retail Security Tags

AM and RF security TagsElectronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are designed to help retailers increase their sales and profits by reducing shoplifting and increasing open merchandising opportunities. Comprised of detection systems at the checkout or exit of a store, the systems work with small electronic tags or labels that are affixed to merchandise. These tags or labels are either deactivated or removed at the point of purchase. If merchandise is removed from the store with an active label or tag still applied, an alarm will sound alerting the sales associates.

Industrial Security Solutions has an EAS solutions for your business needs. From cost effective units, to attractive pedestal systems for boutiques / high end retailers, and to invisible under floor installations, Industrial Security Solutions has you covered!