ISS Now Offering RFID Solutions!

The ISS Team is excited to announce that we are now offering our clients a complete RFID product line!

We currently offer two types of discreet, high-performance RFID systems that would be a perfect addition to your Loss Prevention Program!

The first is the RFID Overhead System combines an antenna with an embedded reader, controller, and an alarm into one, easily installed solution. The system primarily functions as a discrete EAS system that alarms when it detects tags within its range.

However, for an additional charge, the system software can be upgraded to work as an RFID system.  The RFID system works by detecting the tagged items that pass below the antenna, verifying that the items have been paid for, and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid.

The products that trigger an alarm can be shown on a smartphone managed by store staff in order to thwart theft attempts and register the event (false alarm, thwarted theft, or theft).

The second system is the RFID Floor Mat system, which integrates four high-performance RFID antennas inside a floor mat.

The RFID Floor Mat system can be customized to meet the specific needs of each location.  The mats can be made with or without fabric, level of thickness, the side the connection cables exit the mat, and if the cables exit the mat from the edge or the bottom of the mat.

If the Floor Mat system is ordered with a fabric surface, it can be dry cleaned using products designed for cleaning upholstery.

Please contact the ISS Sales Team for any questions you may have regarding our new RFID product line at 800-466-4502!


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