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Security Products

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems EAS systems are designed to help retailers increase their sales and profits by reducing shoplifting and increasing open merchandising opportunities. Comprised of detection systems at the checkout or exit of a store, the systems work with small electronic tags or labels that are affixed to merchandise. These tags or labels are either deactivated or removed at the point of purchase. If merchandise is removed from the store with an active label or tag still applied, an alarm will sound alerting the sales associates.

Security ProductsIndustrial Security Solutions has an EAS solutions for your business needs. From cost effective units, to attractive pedestal systems for boutiques / high end retailers, and to invisible under floor installations, Industrial Security Solutions has you covered! View Our Online Catalog

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Security Products


Industrial Security Solutions
Carries distance deactivators that deactivate anti-shoplifting label and tags in all retail environments, such as general merchandise, department stores, electronics, music, food, etc. The deactivators are easy to use and reliable with minimal impact on the speed of checkout.

Products include:

  • Scan Max - installs flush against the POS scanner.
  • Power Pad - superb reliability and throughput speed.
  • Compact Pad - fits even the smallest check stand or cashwrap.
  • Low Profile Pad - high throughput, under counter or under-conveyor mounting.
  • Free Style - portable, handheld, and wireless. Detects and/or deactivates labels anywhere in the store.

Microwave systems available


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We have a large assortment of tags and labels.
Security Products